Failed air seat 

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MOD #1

...washers under back portion of 
  bracket to bring the seat front down
   (don't be envious: the front bumper is 
    mint green)

            ...the only mod I am happy with

MOD #2
...rigid nylon cloth (glued to base) 
    expected to limit bulging 
     in the front third of the seat

       ...not too successful: still bulging 

MOD #3, step #1
...air pillow removed; nylon hood clearly visible
MOD #3, step #2
                  air pillow folded in W-shape
MOD #3, step #3
...and top section tucked 
        unter nylon cloth "hood"
MOD #3, result
...cover back on: 
           lots of room

This is very uncomfortable: the picture shows a steel ball
in direct contact with the base; when riding, it's sensitive
parts that are in contact with the base (ouch).

The solution: standard airseat setup; but I am now using
a somewhat higher inflation pressure (for the inner
tube in the air seat) than in the past.
I would still like to try a seat base with less inherent curvature.